The traditional winery BUS is located in the...


The traditional winery BUS is located in the heart of the Southern Wine Route, on the outskirts of the wine-growing community of Insheim near Landau / Pfalz.Here, the mild climate, particularly many sunny days and the fertile soils of the Southern Palatinate produce top-quality wines and sparkling wine sparkling wines on over 40 hectares of cultivated land every year.Both the classic grape varieties such as Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, but also popular new varieties such as Bacchus, Dornfelder or Ortega are among the specialties of the wine and sparkling wine estate.The history of the family business goes back to the late 16th century. As master winemaker of the 7th generation, Carsten Bus can draw on his family's irreplaceable wealth of experience.The combination of traditional viticulture and the most modern harvesting and cellar technology creates first-class, individual and high-quality wines that get their typical fresh and fruity character through the mild climate of the Southern Palatinate.

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