The Bründlmayer estate is one of the best in...


The Bründlmayer estate is one of the best in Austria where white wines are concerned. The family-run estate of Willi Bründlmayer covers roughly 185 acres and deliberately avoids the use of chemicals in its vineyards. BründlmayerBründlmayer fertilizes its vines only wiwith organic compounds such as cocompost from plant waste and no heherbicides are used. The grapes are haharvested by hand, resulting in the plpleasure of natural wine of the highest ququality.The Bründlmayer wines come from vineyards around the village of Langenlois in the wine-growing region of Kamptal, located about 80 kilometreskilometres west of Vienna. The vineyards are situated on the “burning” slopes on the banks of the Kamp, a tributary of the Danube.

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