The history of this winery is as recent as its...


The history of this winery is as recent as its foundations, and as old as the roots of some of its vines, planted over 60 years ago now. While sipping a delightful glass of "Bagordi", you might pause to wonder what the name means or why we made it our own. The word refers to a remote location in the valley of Baztán, one of the most beautiful districts in Navarre. It is originally a Basque name from "Bagoa", which means "the beech grove", in reference to the abundance of this majestic tree in the area. In this location, which represents a dream come true for all who know it, our wines are born and come to maturity. Forged out of the efforts of our forebears, who knew how to create the ideal conditions for these wines to acquire the strength, beauty and harmony inspired in the nature covering Monte Bagordi. Our philosophy is to mollycoddle our grapes, as we feel that the maximum quality of the grape is the fundamental basis for producing the wines that convey the genuine values of our land.

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